Featured Sessions

The sessions to be listed below are emblematic of the types of session that we want to encourage. Check them out and draw inspiration for your own session! Remember, sessions aren't limited to just "talks," it can be a presentation, panel or discussion group.

Altering Reality The Legal Way - Fun With AR Richard Ruth

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are impacting every walk of life, from business applications to medicine to education to personal hobbies. What are the differences between these technologies? And more importantly, how can you find uses for them in your personal and professional life? Richard Ruth will explore these technologies with you and offer some fun and inspirational examples of how basic AR works in various application contexts and an overview of how to create easy AR apps with free software.

True cost of ownership: the real price of street art Iryna Kanishcheva

Many people often have no idea how much "street art" costs and often underestimate the cost of having graffiti/mural artists commissioned. At the same time, some street artworks may be overpaid or overestimated. What is the real price for street art and who in fact benefits from it?
Iryna Kanishcheva

Building an Open Internet of Things Community David Nordstedt

The Things Network Gainesville is engaged in building an open network for Internet of Things and Smart Cities here in the Gainesville area. Come learn about using LoRaWAN for low-power, long-range sensor communication and how to get started. www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/gainesville

Let Us Start a Kids Code Club John Tucker

With project like, ChatBot: Learn how to program your own talking robot!, Code Club International provides ready made coding projects for children aged 9-13. Using low-cost Raspberry Pi computers with surplus keyboard, mice, and monitors, we can fill a lab for just several hundred dollars to teach children to code. The ready made topics include Scratch, HTML & CSS, Python, and physical computing. Looking for partners to get this off the ground.

Continuous Self-Improvement Jenn Edge

Do you want to make a lasting change, such as learning a new technology or becoming a better leader? Come learn how to develop a better you and nudge your dreams into reality. We'll explore ways to achieve goals and form habits.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Duncan Kabinu

Do you sometimes feel like a fraud? Perhaps you think that some of your successes are undeserved? Imposter syndrome makes us think irrationally about our aptitudes and performance. The irony is that the further you go in your career, the more opportunities there are for imposter syndrome to rear its ugly head. The bad news - it's not likely you'll ever be able to fully rid yourself of imposter syndrome. But the good news - there are ways to combat it! You can train yourself to quickly identify it, manage it, and live to rise again.

Doing a Startup as a College Student: Before and After Thoughts Diego De La Hoz

What does starting look like as a college student?” This is the question that we’ll be exploring through our talk as we discuss the begins of Wahi Ride. What did we do right and what did we do wrong. The goal is to be REAL. If we could go back in time, should we have done it again?

Don't Just Make It Look Pretty Jen Ford

Designers are often brought in to a project as an afterthought. They are often handed a bunch of finalized documents or assets and told to "just make it look pretty." Design covers a lot more than just the visual elements produced. Let's talk about the benefits of including design and creativity from the beginning of the process and making design a part of your overall strategy.

Reframing Failure Kathy Sohar

Failure is traditionally perceived as a negative. However, it is an integral part of success. This session will discuss some of the ways you can better embrace failure to help you learn, grow and take action.

Introduction to Serverless Architecture Usha Suryadevara

Did you ever feel like you want to focus on the problem you are solving, not the hardware it runs on? Serverless architecture - next evolution of cloud computing - enables developers to express their creativity and focus on user needs instead of spending time managing infrastructure and servers. It takes away the heavy lifting of building highly available, scalable, end to end applications. Come learn how to do more with less, and focus on delivering creative solutions for your users!